We at R.G. Collection always make sure to give you the best quality fabrics and garments. This is the firm which brings the machines from foreign countries to increase the level of production and quality of the production. We have to team of experts which inspects the every part of the production to keep our reputation of being the best providers of the dress materials with best available quality around the world.

Quality is our prime object while manufacturing whether we are manufacturing fabrics at our R.G. Collection fabric maker firm or manufacturing garments at our Rangers firm. We always try to bring new technology and machines to create the quality products. We import the threads of finest quality. Dyeing is done outside of the factories. Over-locking and finishing of the fabrics and garments are tested in our firms.

Everyone wants quality products at most budgeted prices. We bring this comfort for you to buy garments of your choices at wholesale rates from our company. We have a well trained staff of the workers which work with enthusiasm and determination to make every product of better quality than the one before. Above of all our quality assurance team works together with our manufacturing staff and brings the best of the best quality fabrics and garments at our disposal to provide you on best available prices.

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